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Estate Planning for the Typical Texas Resident

Most Common Documents Prepared

Last Will and Testament (“Will”)
In this document, a person designates the beneficiaries who would receive his property (personal effects, cash, real estate, etc.) in the event of his death. He also appoints an executor, who is
the person responsible for carrying out the terms of his Will. In a Will, a person can also designate a personal guardian for any minor children, as well as a trustee to manage financial resources for beneficiaries.

General Durable Power of Attorney
In this document, a person appoints an agent to manage his business affairs in the event of incapacity.

Medical Power of Attorney & HIPAA Authorization
A person can appoint an agent to make healthcare decisions for him in the event he is unable to do so for himself due to incapacity, to discuss his healthcare issues with his physicians and to able to review his medical records that would otherwise be protected from disclosure under privacy laws.

Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Later Incapacity
In this document, a person may choose the person that he would want a court to appoint as his
legal guardian should a legal guardianship become necessary due to issues related to incapacity.

Designation of Burial Agent
In this document, a person appoints an agent who has the right to make decisions concerning his funeral and burial provisions.

Directive to Physicians
In this document, a person states whether he desires that his physicians utilize life-sustaining treatments in the event he is suffering from a terminal illness or irreversible condition.

Revocable Living Trust (“RLT”) Alternative to Traditional Will
Probate is usually a simple and straightforward procedure under Texas law, if a person dies leaving a valid Will that directs that his executor is to serve “independently” from court control, other than filing an inventory of estate property that is required by the Court. For this reason, a traditional Will meets the objectives of most Texas residents.

As an alternative to the traditional Will, however, many clients choose to establish an RLT during their lifetime. One reason that many clients prefer the RLT is to avoid probate proceedings at their death, for either privacy reasons or to avoid the expense of probate. The RLT is also an attractive option for Texas residents who own real estate in other states in which probate is a time-consuming and expensive proceeding.

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